Praise for The Risk Paradox

“The risk-averse—in business or life—will find these tales very motivating. A thought-provoking and readable field guide to risks and the people who take them.”

Kirkus Reviews

The Risk Paradox is a valuable psychological exploration in which the experiences of a hundred adventurous risk-takers are mined for lessons in decision-making.”

Foreword Reviews

“Reveals, story by story, the motivations and life circumstances of risk-takers.”

Judi Sheppard Missett, Founder of Jazzercise, author of Building a Business with a Beat

“The authors do an incredible job of getting inside the mind of the risk-taker.”

Sue Chen, CEO of Nova Medical Products

“Combines vivid storytelling with an experiential framework for risk-taking.”

James Ellis, Retired Dean of University of Southern California Marshall School of Business

“Dives deep into the heart and soul of the risk-taker.”

Zoe Littlepage, Founder of Athea Trial Lawyers, Six-time World Travel Champion

“Incredible stories of courage, vulnerability, setbacks and triumphs”

Alton Butler, Founder, CEO, Line 204

“Shows how regular people become risk-takers through self-awareness and perseverance.”

Andrew White, President, Sweat Equity Partners

“Full of counterintuitive suggestions about risk-taking that make sense. A pleasure to read.”

Blair Garrou, Founder and Managing Director, Mercury Fund

“This recalibrates the concept of risk and elevates it to a completely different level. The stories about the emotions that hit when you take that leap are all too real and reaffirm the importance of the risk paradox.“

Brad Deutser, Best Selling Author, Leading Clarity

“Everyone has two stories, the highlight reel we all can see, and then the real story. The bumps, bruises, failures, luck, and a relentless determination to succeed. This book unlocks those stories.”

Brandon Schwertner, CEO, Priority Power

“Stories that help us think about, ‘What are you doing with your one and only life?’“

Dan Miller, Vice Chairman, Cincinnati Eye Institute

“Tells the honest, authentic, unvarnished stories of risk from penetrating interviews with amazing people.”

Eileen Brophy, President, Brophy Services

“The avoidance of risk is an illusion, this book reveal risk as something to embrace as a fundamental condition of progress.”

Gene Gebolys, Founder & CEO, World Energy

“Will change how you think about risk-taking, obstacles, challenges and success.“

Ivo Nelson, Author, Love Based Culture; Founder x4

“A guidebook for how to live life on your own terms.”

Jennifer Maanavi, Founder and CEO, Physique 57

“A wealth of thought-provoking material on risk-taking.”

Jim Fallon, Executive Coach, The Conscious Leadership Group

“Succeeds at putting the complexity of taking risk into practical focus.”

Lauren Reed, Founder & CEO, Reed Public Relations

“Addresses an important topic with analytic rigor, real life experiences, and storytelling flair.”

Michael Weintraub, Co-Founder, Ardan Equity

“Helpful stories for those waiting on the ‘perfect’ time to take a risk.”

Michele Morris, Philanthropist, Author, Chef

“Inspiring models for how to cultivate risk-taking as a practice.”

Nick Jekogian, Founder, Walden Monterey

“Vivid stories that help you consider the most important question—what do you want out of the rest of your life?”

Paul Dickerson, Managing Director, Southwestern Petroleum

“Takes the messy topic of risk and simplifies it without being simplistic.”

Sandi Webster, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer, Pandi

“I love this book. Reading about the risks and adventures that lead people to great success are so fun and inspiring.”

Scott Lawrence, Beer Drinker and Founder, Breakside Brewery

“Full of compelling stories of fellow travelers on paths to a more courageous and engaged life.”

Vanessa Ogle, Founder, Enseo and HigherHill Studios

“Even for a risk-taker, the stories challenge me to find and face the next opportunity rather than hide in safety.”

Kirk Craig, Co-founder, CEO, Agape Development

“Sheds light on both the adventurous path of life and the risky trajectory of business.”

Richard Fiedotin, 2x successful Co-founder

The Risk Paradox is a treasure trove of insight, inspiration and story-telling that helps leaders view risk in new and productive ways. It’s a must read!”

McKay Christensen, CEO, Thanksgiving Point Institute; Host, Open Your Eyes podcast

“Great stories about lived success that combine joy, purpose, and risk.”

Mike Knigin, Chairman, Freestone Forest Products

“A testimonial to risk-takers and an invitation to pursue your own dreams.”

Ana Sanchez

ISBN: 978-1-63755-1-530
Price: $26.00