Evan Marwell

Evan Marwell grew up in Wisconsin. His father was a professor of sociology, and his mother was a school psychologist in the Madison public schools.

After creating a successful startup, then a failed startup, and then a successful hedge fund, Evan took time to dig deep and explore what he wanted to do next. He started writing a blog but discovered he didn’t like that. He looked at a few new business ideas but realized he didn’t want to start another business—at least not then.

Evan went to some seminars and got some coaching on his life purpose. He realized his purpose was to be a change-maker—in other words, to work on changing the world. He began to fully understand his skill at getting things off the ground, at actualizing ideas. As he puts it, “If your purpose is to be a change-maker, risk is part of the game.”

Evan was clear on what he was willing to risk. He decided he was willing to risk his time to work on implementing big ideas that might not work—as long as they were worthwhile. And he was willing to risk his reputation, since he’d already experienced failure and realized that it was survivable. 

Evan started looking around for big ideas to actualize.  And then he met the President.

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