Ivo Nelson

Ivo Nelson grew up in Waco, Texas. His father was a pharmaceutical rep and his mom was a teacher. After high school, he worked as a ranch hand in the Texas Hill Country. He spent a few years being “footloose and fancy free,” traveling west and doing construction work before returning home to earn a business degree at Baylor University.

Early in his career, Ivo conceptualized his business life as unfolding in three stages: leading a company to success with money from external investors, leading a company to success with his own money, and finally having enough money to become an active angel investor. His journey through all three stages has had many twists and turns.

Having created two enormously successful companies, Ivo is now giving back through helping businesses create healthier and more meaningful work cultures. He has written a book called The Ten Principles of a Love-Based Culture: How Authentic Business Leaders Trust Their Employees to Do the Right Thing. 

“It’s not about romantic love. It’s about building a love-based culture that actually makes money and has a positive impact on the world. Fear-based rules and tenets, ultimately, are not a good way to run a business. With a love-based culture, you’ve got happier people, fewer divorces and care and love in the workplace. It’s just a better business – you make more money and investors are happier.”

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