Jim Fallon

Jim Fallon grew up outside Chicago and attended college at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He started out being a math and physics major but found himself drawn to philosophy and psychology.

“I was curious about the existential questions of life,” Jim says.

Jim’s career followed a steady trajectory for over a decade. It was in many ways a well-worn path—work for a few years, go to business school for an MBA, take a job with a strategy consulting firm, then embark on a career in progressively more interesting start-ups with progressively increasing responsibilities. 

Then Jim’s life—and career—took an unexpected turn. Still in his forties, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

He battled cancer and ultimately survived, and sought coaching to help determine his next steps.  His coach recommended that Jim coach someone else.  The experience inspired Jim and he decided his life mission was not about running companies, but about helping other leaders with their own mindfulness and emotional journeys.  He was ready for a new kind of life.

His coaching work and training made him think profoundly about a concept called Whole Body Yes. Using Whole Body Yes, you don’t just listen to your rational, logical mind, but you listen to your Whole Body when making life decisions. 

Jim began to realize the power of seeking a Whole Body Yes, and his life has been fulfilled by living by it.

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