Tana Greene

Tana Greene grew up in Virginia, where her father was a coast guard officer and her mother a stay-at-home mom. Tana was an honor roll student and dated the most popular boy in her high school.

Early in high school Tana got pregnant. Having grown up in a Southern Christian family, she will never forget what it was like to tell her mother the news.

Tana made the choice to become a young mother and dropped out of school.  A few years later Tana consciously decided to be a survivor by leaving her abusive marriage. She left with her child, without a high school degree, and without a job. Tana wrote down her goals:

  • Finish high school (and not with a GED)
  • Get some form of higher education
  • Own her own home before age twenty-five
  • Have her own business before age thirty
  • Meet her knight in shining armor

Within the next ten years, she accomplished all of her goals.

Today, Tana and her second husband are creating their third successful business.  As Tana thinks back on the risks in her life—having a child as a teenager, leaving her abusive marriage, getting married again and moving to California, starting a franchise business, and then creating her own firm—what stands out most is that she didn’t view them as risks. She just believed that they would work.  She believed in herself.

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